in line shear mixer for cosmetic 110t h shear pump6553361a

Inline High Shear Mixers ; Colloid Mills for Personal Care

Personal Care and Cosmetic consumers want functional, natural ingredients, and science driven therapeutic products. With the emergence of a 'cosmeceutical'

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Cosmetics Processing Equipment Lee Industries

Lee Industries manufactures high quality custom stainless steel cosmetics Heavy Duty USDA approved agitators and high shear mixers; Finishes to less than

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Production of Cosmetic Creams and Lotions Silverson Machines

between 110 185˚F (45 85˚C) depending on the formulation and viscosity. processing times dramatically reduced by using a Silverson high shear mixer: dictate which machine from the Silverson product line is best suited to individual.

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DynaShear® Sanitary Inline High Shear Mixer by Admix, Inc

DynaShear® Sanitary Inline High Shear Mixer for wetting out powders into a liquid. Perfect for the cosmetic and personal care industry, its low maintenance design means minimum downtime. Two models available to process 10 150 GPM.

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Ross High Shear Mixers

Our high shear batch and inline mixers, sanitary mixers and blenders, vacuum battery, chemical, cosmetic, electronics, food, pharmaceutical and plastic industries. No Charge Trial Rentals Available Call 1 800 243 Ross for Details

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